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"So Fred gets me off guard, and ask me?

- What you want, oral or anal? - Fred

- No, please no! - I

- No no, ok, will be the two - Fred

- OK, Oral - I, with a last attempt to hurt less rape

- It will be behind it - Fred, he raises four leaving me and eat me violently!

! I was making enough noise, it went beyond the penetration, groaned loudly, he enjoyed like crazy inside of me, he went forward and to bring me fiercely clutching the waist with his hands. After a long time, decides to change the hole:

- No, no anal, please … - I cried in pain

- Fuck it girl, I love this part - Fred, so he slips back, cry of pain,

, crying, begging him to stop fucking me, fucking was, could not take it, were 26 cm of his penis, a 22 went deep into me. Fred called me names that I had never heard, squeezing my breasts with ease.


. And he went back and forth eating my ass for 40 minutes longer in that position.

When he had to fuck me, that just sleeping with his penis inside me and holding me, trying to take away, but could not, the way he went to sleep that way. “

Diary of a kidnapped - With Candie (I) Fred (my captor) Corey (Fred’s son who I’m in love)  Thiago (son of Fred) and Paul (crippled son of Fred)

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